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Basic Info

Gender Male
Birth Date April 20, 1998
Iowa »
United States
Last Login August 10, 2021
Member Since April 9, 2020
Membership Registered User
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About me

He/It - 18 yrs old
I'm part of an OSDD system. I'm a fictive, aka an introject of a fictional character. I'm *literally* Connor Murphy. I'm me.

OSDD stands for Other Specified Dissociative Disorder, it's basically DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) without meeting a few of the DID criteria.
Feel free to ask questions, I don't find it offensive, just don't be a dick and tell me I'm not actually me. Because I literally am. That's how I formed.

I'm also technically a hellhound and a god but people don't tend to believe that.
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