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United States
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Anita Alegria
Anita Alegria
So Jeremy had told sis that Jorden had said that I was in the way of Jeremy when he was mopping when the 3 of us we're cleaning the laundry matt & that was very rude of Jorden to tell Jeremy when he a...
Anita Alegria
I am glad that I am in Wendover for a week so that I can be away from stinkin Jeremy bcus all he does is that he like to give me shit every single day & I am very sick & tired of his shit since day 1,...
Anita Alegria
Thanks Richard
November 11, 2019 Like
jack Armstrong
Idk if this is allowed but I got some free opportunities
November 13, 2019 Like
Anita Alegria
I Really do not have much to say except for tomorrow I am going to the man mule race & that Will Be A Little Fun To Go To.
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