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Gender Male
Birth Date September 4, 1995
Leander »
United States
Last Login June 30, 2021
Member Since April 26, 2019
Membership Registered User
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Djorn Foyle
I'll like to get out and meet some new people
Djorn Foyle
i can't get over the fact that i am the greastest brother in the world by having this one as my sister. i love her more then i can explain. I thank the gods for by giving the greastest gift by being a...
Djorn Foyle
she is my best friend ans my closest baby sister. i couldnt ask for a better soster to be close to. i love you sis
Djorn Foyle
She is one of the few an close friends i have i love her so much
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oh la la
April 26, 2019 Like
Djorn Foyle
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