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Gender Male
Birth Date May 5, 1993
Lagos »
Last Login March 16, 2022
Member Since June 27, 2020
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Erwin Tipton
Hey Emmanuel . Check out the new song I wrote and performed . I'm real proud of it . It's called REMEMBERING . its on my channel and facebook .
November 16, 2021 Like
Is it crime to be black, is it necessary I behave very bad,because I am black, to know more, log in my blog
Its time to pray for California, I once write on my blog with a tag 'American Arise; Dont fall like Babylon'. I stated there that sin brings downfall. Let's arise come back to God and let's pray, Let'...
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anthony miles
hey negro just worry about getting that money dude 419
December 26, 2021 Like
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