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Gender Male
Birth Date May 5, 1993
Lagos »
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Arise oh American, dont fall like Babylon, you are built on godly principles,and spirit of humanity, to get to know more, login to my blog.
its always a good features for human to have hope in God, for you to get to this, click on this link: https:// . # Emma4God . ha...
The feathers detached, and tortoes said, 'where are my feathers', do you own a feather, replied the bird. Hehe
I really believe that I'm talking to someone right now,you are having an issue with your partner,because you have this unforgivable heart, please do forgive him/her. May God bless you. Visit my blog: ...
call up me, and i will answer you' God knows we are going to face some issues as a human, thats why He said that. to get to know the mind of God, click on this link: https://
can we eradicate suicide in our society?, how can we help those who are depressed in our mist?, should betrayer, disappointments, failure be a reason for us to an end to life that we cant create, to k...
trust issue, easily believing friends words about your partner in negative word, have destroy so many home, and have make one loss the person that God has destine for them, be wish,, take time to know...
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when things are working for us we forsaken God, and this brings trouble and pain,to our life,let's go back to Him, Solomon says 'Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the days of tro...
we want to appreciate our views from French, Latin, and Spanish ,Arab and the far east speaking countries, we love you,we have the intension of translating to different languages whole round the globe...
Things and life,will always going to be better, i believe God will do it, this should be your thinking. Login to my page,,
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