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Gender Male
Birth Date June 29, 1971
Costa Mesa »
United States
Last Login June 19, 2022
Member Since May 2, 2017
Membership Registered User
Profile Views 92
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Erwin Tipton
Here you go , The song of the century written and performed by me . It's called REMEMBERING , be sure to like and share , Please go to . Myspace is having a major problem wit...
Erwin Tipton
Don't shop at the AutoZone in Costa Mesa on 19th street . They have a syco daytime manager , They need to fire him .
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Erwin Tipton
Update . AutoZone Reps are looking into the matter . Hopefully he is relocated or fired .
July 11, 2021 Like
Erwin Tipton
Erwin Tipton
Today is my Birthday . Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel
Erwin Tipton
If I gave you 10,000$ . How would you spend it ?. Keep Smiling :)
Erwin Tipton
My youtube channel . Please subscribe
Erwin Tipton
My song RESTLESS .
Erwin Tipton
hello to all my fans . Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel .
Erwin Tipton
First off . I'm not trying to be rude or mean , But I am not on here seeking sex or a relationship . I am NOT looking to invest in anything . I am ONLY on here to promote my career as an actor and a ...
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Killers Party
December 13, 2020 Like
ayyy get itt to ittt
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