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Gender Male
Birth Date June 29, 1971
Costa Mesa »
United States
Last Login June 19, 2022
Member Since May 2, 2017
Membership Registered User
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Erwin Tipton
whats up everyone .. coming out with new videos , Be sure to subscribe .
Erwin Tipton
Today is Happy Erwin Tipton Day .
Erwin Tipton
Hold on lassie , It's going to be a bumpy ride . Most states and cities are in lock down ,
Erwin Tipton
My Mom passed away 3 weeks ago , She was taken too early in her life . I haven't achieved my goals of what I needed to do before she passed away , She supported me in my acting career .
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Sabrina Richardson
I'm sorry for your loss.
December 7, 2019 Like
Brian Angus Donaldson
I'm so sorry.
December 13, 2020 Like
Erwin Tipton
Going through some hard times right now . My mom is in her last days , Were trying to fulfill all her wishes before she passes on ,
Erwin Tipton
Hey everyone . Sub to my YouTube channel ..
Erwin Tipton
Well I have to clean up someone els mess again . California needs real help and throwing money at is not going to solve anything . No much anyways .
Erwin Tipton
Myspace has issues with their mailbox . Every time I log in it says I have 4 messages . I click on it and their are no messages and it still says I have messages .
Erwin Tipton
Today was a mess . The power supply went out on my computer but I was lucky I saved two power supplies from my last two computers and got it up and running .
Erwin Tipton
Big day today , Ill be filming in Malibu creek , I hope our director will be patient with me . last week it was a little over a 100 degrees up there last week.
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