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Gender Female
Birth Date December 11, 1994
Cincinnati »
Ohio »
United States
Last Login May 7, 2019
Member Since April 23, 2019
Membership Registered User
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Jade Tobias
So I took 2CE about... 2 hours ago. I can't really even remember why or where but damn I love it...
Jade Tobias
Jade Tobias
I switched to here because facebook was harassing me. I'm fucking tired of it.
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Robert Yow
One of the big problems if not the biggest about social networks are there are millions & millions of hackers on the internet too they may treat others like. Aside from the many they want to shut up from exposing the truth about issues & situations that create the problems.
April 26, 2019 Like
wesley grider
Am here too from Facebook,same reasons,just single,looking for lifemate.
July 28, 2019 Like
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