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Basic Info

Gender Female
Birth Date August 16, 1986
Veneta »
United States
Last Login November 17, 2019
Member Since June 15, 2017
Membership Registered User
Profile Views 12

About me

Was enjoying life here in Veneta moved in with my Uncle, an Retired Vietnam Vet about 9 years ago, logged at Braun Tree Farm in Crow for five awesome years, set choke, ran Escavator, loaded rounds then loaded into our hydrolic trailers brought home to our property & started a Firewood selling business, Firewood Cherry Delivers- custom split to fit any stove, seasoned, dry hard & soft wood along with Delivering & stacking cords wood if clients requested- met my other for a second time, ( had fallen for him year in a half before I moved in with my Uncle) half way through those logging days- 7 months later despite odds I Was pregnant took a test December 13, 2014 had her June 29th, 2015 & now have a awesome, smart, all intriguing 4 year old girl-Brooklynn Moon.
I still love cutting, stacking & selling Firewood though done less past 4 years, lucky since I'm live in Care giver ( Uncle lives in other in law house, we have two story main house) plus 2 acres-- I been with her daily, my man her dad a full time lead Cook local Pizza & Grill w/ Bar-
I still love shooting my bow, guns for practice, being outside & working, avid reader & writter, animal lover, like helping others & down to earth realist. Love life & my family & cat, Kitty.

Who I'd Like to Meet

..... Unsure. Tupac A. SHAKUR IF was alive & crew of The Rolling Stones.


Reading, writing, logging & cutting, selling, stacking firewood. Love shooting my bows, guns, throwing knives, being outdoors. Love music, oldies & my turn table with good albums like Bad Company, Rolling Stones, Nazareth ectra. Love animals, love life & laughing.
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