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Nagito Komeada kinnie is on Myspace. Connect with (Nagito-Komeada-Kinnie), message or add as your friend.

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Gender Female
Birth Date January 20, 2000
Location Australia
Last Login March 21, 2021
Member Since December 3, 2020
Membership Registered User
Profile Views 23
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Nagito Komeada kinnie
Am I the only one sad MySpace sorta died..?
Steven Vermillion
I agree, I have posted many things and evidently no one reads them no do I have 1 follower... Hmmm, guess I will concentrate on using Parler...
February 24, 2021 Like
floyd wilkinson
the original myspace was far better, this version is lackluster at best
February 24, 2021 Like
Nagito Komeada kinnie
March 21, 2021 Like
Nagito Komeada kinnie
yes, he eats kids
Nagito Komeada kinnie
Hey *sharts cutely*
, and  like this.
Madjick Mann
oh heyyy *suffers from heroin induced coma*
December 4, 2020 Like
Nagito Komeada kinnie
wh- huh-
December 6, 2020 Like
omg hi *pees my pants cutely*
December 5, 2020 Like
Nagito Komeada kinnie
December 6, 2020 Like
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