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Gender Male
Birth Date December 12, 2000
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United States
Last Login May 4, 2018
Member Since November 16, 2017
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nick hatcher
i might be a guy that went to jail 7 times i still have a heart and i feel like i just had mine ripped out
nick hatcher
"all in all its just another brick in the wall"
#Pink Floyd lives on
nick hatcher
if you know tomas gene wagner don't talk to him i swear hes a goblin lol so delete him as fast as you can
nick hatcher
who knows this movie comment yes if you do know it
and  like this.
April 30, 2018 Like
nick hatcher
me and Erika Marie are dating now
 likes this.
tomas gene wagner
who is erika marie
April 30, 2018 Like
nick hatcher
hi goblin
April 30, 2018 Like
nick hatcher
today is so boring
No day is ever boring if you use it to the full
December 5, 2017 Like
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