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Gender Female
Birth Date November 8, 2000
Location United States
Last Login June 23, 2018
Member Since May 3, 2018
Membership Registered User
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Patience Murray
Hello i'm Patience. I think that when people come on stuff and say they're single and looking for someone they need to leave. If you are looking for someone go on a dating website or go out into the...
can we be friends please patience
May 7, 2018 Like
Derek Zary
Hi Patience Murry ; your funny, didn't you know ? All the dating sites are garbage, the affiliates redirect or constantly want to keep you paying the fee's and upgrades, and it's all for nothing because all you can find is either liars, gold diggers or the affiliate pimps simply don't deliver the me...
May 7, 2018 Like
Patience Murray
I'm just trying to say people shouldn't use this as a dating website because it isn't
May 7, 2018 Like
Patience Murray
Patience Murray
this is my only picture that I don't look that ugly in
Cute girl
May 7, 2018 Like
Smile Patience Murray :) its going to get betters :) lol honest it is
May 7, 2018 Like
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