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Gender Male
Birth Date March 2, 1951
Sedona »
United States
Last Login June 14, 2022
Member Since March 14, 2016
Membership Registered User
Profile Views 70
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Scott Galloway Smith
Climbed Rosie's Volcano yesterday!
Scott Galloway Smith
Happy New Year! I joined here as an alternative to Facebook.
I hope to make many new friends here!
Scott Galloway Smith
Not much to say except people are seeking an alternative to Facebook but are reluctant for the switch to MySpace. This is a great opportunity for MySpace!
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Gonzo Griffin
I agree , with a few upgrades or minor tweeks be perfect
September 9, 2020 Like
Scott Galloway Smith
Very hot in the high desert this summer!
Scott Galloway Smith
Hiking away from the virus!
Scott Galloway Smith
Carnival season is in full swing! Put away your troubles, drink some wine and have a good time! Happy Mardi Gras!
Scott Galloway Smith
Been awhile since I have logged in. Much has changed as I am writing more and studio cycling (Spinning) more making my legs and butt the best of anyone I know. I do not have many friends here and woul...
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