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I have a cat named Smokey, I'm a nice person , I'm 27 , I am on the heavy said , I have ADHD , I do have my creepy said .

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I would like to meet the one who played Caption Picard from Star T.
Funny ,Scary, Action, Funny scary, Funny Action, Disney movies, and all 3 in one movie, now on 2 T.V shows M.A.S.H , Andy G, Hogin heroes, Mlp, we bear bear's, X files, and a lot more.


Creepyasta, Undertale, Scp, Mlp, Anime, Sing, Playing games, seeing gamers play games, Foggy day's, Scaring people , looking for someone my own age
creepy, Nightcore, Fnaf, hip hop, rock and roll, some rap, cowboy music, pop, Kpop, funny, and other one's cant name them off hand
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