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Basic Info

Gender Male
Age 20
Location United States
Last Login February 5, 2020
Member Since November 7, 2019
Membership Registered User
Profile Views 16

About me

I'm taken by God's greatest creation.ߥаߘͰߤ
I'm a huge OS/NS gamer who will always hit head on threw my opponents ɰߧ0ߒϰߒ
I love Marvel & DC ranging from old comics to the newest movies.0߃ϰ߃ϰ߃
I also love abandoned places, especially the ones in great condition ϰߘ
Hmm?İߤ I feel like im missing one ԰ߤ԰ߤ
OH!! I know, I'm a huge stoner and a damn good juggalo when it comes to parties ԰ߘ

Who I'd Like to Meet

I wouldn't like to "meet" anyone other then real peopleߘ
Although I would love to "re-meet" my sweet kitten again so I can watch her step out've her parents car and fall in love with her all over again °ߥаߘ


I'm very old-school with a whole lot of new-school so zip. I love tech, I want to design my own tech for the future. I might be 18 but I've always loved taking shit apart and making it work better then it should've, when I was 4 I loved gaming on a PC so much that I wanted it to better so I took apart two of my mom's Dell towers And figured it how to put them back together, soon after I made my own using them and after about a few weeks I got it to work. My mom was pissed but I wasn'tߘ my first fully built andn peaced together tower made it run almost five to six times faster than it did before°ߘ now I have my own led hand made fully functional gaming PC and pretty soon I'm going to have an Xbox, PlayStation, we, PC tower all in one.
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