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Basic Info

Gender Male
Age 19
Location United States
Last Login 7 hours ago
Member Since November 7, 2019
Membership Registered User
Profile Views 12

About me

I'm taken by God's greatest creation.ߥаߘͰߤ
I'm a huge OS/NS gamer who will always hit head on threw my opponents ɰߧ0ߒϰߒ
I love Marvel & DC ranging from old comics to the newest movies.0߃ϰ߃ϰ߃
I also love abandoned places, especially the ones in great condition ϰߘ
Hmm?İߤ I feel like im missing one ԰ߤ԰ߤ
OH!! I know, I'm a huge stoner and a damn good juggalo when it comes to parties ԰ߘ

Who I'd Like to Meet

I wouldn't like to "meet" anyone other then real peopleߘ
Although I would love to "re-meet" my sweet kitten again so I can watch her step out've her parents car and fall in love with her all over again °ߥаߘ


I'm very old-school with a whole lot of new-school so zip. I love tech, I want to design my own tech for the future. I might be 18 but I've always loved taking shit apart and making it work better then it should've, when I was 4 I loved gaming on a PC so much that I wanted it to better so I took apart two of my mom's Dell towers And figured it how to put them back together, soon after I made my own using them and after about a few weeks I got it to work. My mom was pissed but I wasn'tߘ my first fully built andn peaced together tower made it run almost five to six times faster than it did before°ߘ now I have my own led hand made fully functional gaming PC and pretty soon I'm going to have an Xbox, PlayStation, we, PC tower all in one.
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