is the large social network which was created for communication and searching for friends since 2007

Our mission is to help people to get new friends, to keep in contact with old friends and always be in the center of events and news of th world.

Our principle is to improve and make the Internet communication more comfortable, interesting and saturated.

Structure of our network:

A person having joined the myspace network agrees with network terms. Then creates a personal profile, loading personal information which will be visible to his friends and other users of a network in further.

The user can share music, photo and video with others users.

Also he can create communities with various subjects for association of people on their common interests.

The user also has an opportunity to keep the blog. There he can shares the thoughts or creations, whether it is work or the creative direction to find the reader.

P.S. If you can't find the profile, most likely you aren't registered. Our site has no relation to
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