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Afiya Edwards is on Myspace. Connect with (afiyaedwards), message or add as your friend.

Basic Info

Gender Female
Birth Date June 23, 1997
Port of spain »
Trinidad and Tobago
Last Login July 17, 2020
Member Since October 26, 2015
Membership Registered User
Profile Views 23
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Afiya Edwards
I'm Br(OK)en for years ߘ԰ߘ԰ߘ
Afiya Edwards
Happy birthday to me ߎ°ߎ°ߎ°ߎ
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Afiya Edwards
Thank u
June 23, 2018 Like
I hope you have a GRAET BIRTHDAY
June 23, 2018 Like
Afiya Edwards
Just bored and birthday in 4 days
Afiya Edwards
Jus chilling
Bobby Rhea
me too
October 27, 2015 Like
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