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Gender Male
Birth Date May 25, 1952
Near St Albans »
United Kingdom
Last Login September 13, 2016
Member Since November 15, 2015
Membership Registered User
Profile Views 45
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alan elison byrch
This is stupid I cant sign in to my space it says my space can`t be found , it doesn`t matter how I type my user name it says this site can`t be found . Well here I am , Thinking of leaving my space ....
Tom Anderson
try log in with email
May 30, 2016 Like
alan elison byrch
Did but why
June 10, 2016 Like
alan elison byrch
alan elison byrch
spot the mistake
December 6, 2015 Like
alan elison byrch
Thank you Mr Admin , more on the way , in two weeks time another photo shoot , Ive just been booked today
March 20, 2016 Like
alan elison byrch
I`m new on this site , to begin with I would like to find friends in the U K , how or where do I look on My Space , then I will look further afield . this goes out to anyone
alan elison byrch
There a few more pro mo pics to come ,as I`m at a shoot tomorrow , also some photographers are interested in using me as a subject 2016 is looking good already .
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