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Gender Male
Birth Date January 1, 1900
Warsaw »
United States
Last Login May 9, 2022
Member Since January 13, 2017
Membership Registered User
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About me

I will have you know, I've been in 41 states, 100's of cities, and scores of ghettos. I've waited in line for dinner with homeless at soup kitchens in L.A.. I've drank beer with Bill Maher in Virginia Beach. I've been in the presence of extremely rich people such as pro athletes, ceo's of mega corps like Eli Lily, Penthouse magazine, Washington D.C. types, Blackwater security, Military people, bankers and financial advisory types. Also I have mingled with lost souls of the poorest of poor. Having nothing but the soul they carry with them. The bottom of the social ladder is where the most compassionate, generous, and truest hearts is at, also the most ruthless. Ironic that the top holds some of the coldest most ruthless as well, who stop at nothing in the want of more more more.
If you see, assume, or dismiss me as vague, timid, weird, or perhaps just plain silly or dumb, it is you who carry that trait.
I am complex. I placed in the top 10% in my state academically without even graduating. In fact however, it was then upon walking away from high school that my true education , lessons of life and wisdom began. You could ask me what I see in your eyes, I could write you a novel.
I have a huge heart and lots of compassion for people in general.

2 lifelong questions of mine....
How does a fat man look a starving man in the eye?
He can't.
Where does a king find loyal and noble men to serve him with their very lives?
He doesn't. For not even the king himself is loyal.

I know people
I've known alot of lives lost or taken in the actions of liars, cheaters, and untrue hearts in general. I strive to be different, be me, be real.
When a person despises another in saying he thinks he is better , is he? Is he better or does he merely have a lesser sense of inadequacy ?
But the more one strives to be better while the other does not, is he not then in a sense better?
If a man thinks he is better , but the one who despises him for that claiming to know the man is no better, why then despise him for thinking that rather than laugh it off?
Because the hater, drowning in self inferiority and burnt with envy is actually the one who thinks the other man is better, trying always to tear him down.
I care not who you are, the president himself or a nameless thug living a life of low. If you cross the line in my presence, I will bust your f***ng chops. Or gladly take the fall in trying...
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