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Gender Male
Birth Date January 1, 1900
Warsaw »
United States
Last Login July 18, 2022
Member Since January 13, 2017
Membership Registered User
Profile Views 49
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David Wayne
At large somewhere in the basement.... that's a little unsettling.
David Wayne
David Wayne
Something about this photo
David Wayne
It's the same desire,,to feel the fire.
Working 3rd shift made me a vampire.
No longer simple desire, the need is dire.
Beyond craving fueled by lust.
Inevitable, it's just
That I must ......
Heed my...
David Wayne
Pretty sure I heard my friend tell you all to haul your asses. Best beat it before those black suits have me mistakin you for a couple of J's witnesses.
David Wayne
taniya rexi
  • December 26, 2017
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David Wayne
BOOM BABY!!!!Pay attention foo.
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