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Gender Male
Birth Date December 14, 1954
hampton »
United States
Last Login November 7, 2022
Member Since July 24, 2022
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melvin stephens
I met this great Star in 1996 in Norristown, Pa.
melvin stephens
And everything will get brighter!
melvin stephens
Hey, let me in. It's time for some Football!
melvin stephens
Pittsburgh Steelers retire no. 32. Way to go Franco Harris.
melvin stephens
Back in April i visited the great city of San Francisco. My flight back was on this Machine. Return time on United Air Lines back to Newark, New Jersey was 4hrs and 34 mins. Now that's haul azzin'. Tr...
melvin stephens
Kinda make you wonder.
melvin stephens
Can we Make that turn around this season?
melvin stephens
Will my NFC Team Bear Down this Season?
melvin stephens
my old military fort. In Napp Town!
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Dangana Amos inaligu
Nice one
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