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Gender Male
Birth Date April 30, 1945
Location United States
Last Login May 21, 2022
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Don Polson
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the reason why things are so expensive and the prices are getting higher is because the government keeps printing money, its not Bidens fault, this has been happening since way before he started running for President :confused:
December 11, 2021 Like
Colin R. Coward
Don, quit the stupidity and find out what's really happening!
December 11, 2021 Like
Don Polson
Colin R. Coward
December 9, 2021 Like
Colin R. Coward
your crazy they are 2 of the best unless your a millionaire if your not a millionaire then you are a first class moron.
December 9, 2021 Like
Don Polson
and you are a dumb ass, have you looked in mirror today you will see the idiot!
December 10, 2021 Like
Don Polson
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