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Gender Female
Birth Date October 27, 2000
Last Login May 20, 2022
Member Since November 6, 2021
Membership Registered User
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Emma Baker
bruhger king
and  like this.
anthony miles
hey girl its almost new year 2022 kid
December 25, 2021 Like
Emma Baker
math is boring://
and  like this.
i took my math semester exam today and almost cried b/c half the stuff on the test we learn after winter break
December 8, 2021 Like
anthony miles
in school math was my wrose subject dude
December 25, 2021 Like
Emma Baker
and  like this.
anthony miles
hey friend i must tell you im a old guy
November 19, 2021 Like
same one time i was playing cool math game sbut then she snatched the mouse from me and closed my tabs ugh!
November 21, 2021 Like
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