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Gender Male
Birth Date March 12, 1980
Location United States
Last Login November 5, 2020
Member Since April 5, 2017
Membership Registered User
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fagley dork
seeking a girl to marry to help me with my porn business. johnny paxson 208 512 3638
fagley dork
sorry liveth your to fat
October 19, 2020 Like
fagley dork
i'm an eccentric billionaire seeking a new young bride to share my life with. give me a try and i feel you will be glad you did !
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fagley dork
play your cards right jaqkie and i may consider giving you a shot at the "bigtime" ! "a9)
April 15, 2019 Like
fagley dork
where are u my darling ? "a9)
April 16, 2019 Like
fagley dork
i'm an eccentric billionaire seeking a wife to party with other couples with.
fagley dork
i've been getting more ass than an outhouse toilet seat !! so cum join the fun girls ! johnny
fagley dork
i'm an eccentric billionaire seeking a new bride ! divorce settlements are now topping 3 million dollars ! so don't delay girls, call johnny 720 495 6217
fagley dork
wheres all the pretty girls ? johnny call 720 495 621
fagley dork
i'm a retired billionaire seeking a bride who can collect millions in divorce court after only 2 years living on my 3 story yacht ! swimming pool on 3rd deck overlooking coeur d alene, idaho lovely ...
fagley dork
girls, seeking my new bride ! are you it? johnny
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steve cardwell
Bet no-one messed with you in school.... No-one messes with Fagley Dork !
May 21, 2018 Like
fagley dork
seeking ltr. girls up to 35 plez
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