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Basic Info

Gender Female
Birth Date November 17, 1979
m/bro »
United Kingdom
Last Login April 8, 2015
Member Since March 5, 2015
Membership Registered User
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About me

my name is Julie im 35 single mother of one im a huge walking dead fan i absolutely love it the storyline is amazing and i just cant get enough of it so yeah i love zombies :) other things to know i have a fibromyalgia and ostio arthritis which is not very fun to live with so i spend most of my life behind closed doors which can be extreamly boring so hopefully i'll manage to make me some friends to chat to and keep me from boredom lol my biggest dream is to move to America id love to live in the countryside with a bit of land and a couple of horses that's my dream never gonna happen but that vision is there and im sticking with it :)

Who I'd Like to Meet

full cast and crew of the walking dead :) there amazing


im a huge walking dead fan and norman reedus is just amazing not forgetting my fellow brit Andrew Lincoln i love watching movies i spend a lot of time stuck in the house due to my illness don't get out as much as i did on my pics which isn't good but they are fond memory's i loved horse riding did that for a lot of year's worked at a riding school until i got my own horses then left wish id have stuck that one out for as long as i could i love travel days out exploring old castles i love things like that i love to learn the history of places :)
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