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Gender Female
Birth Date December 2, 2000
Location United States
Last Login July 10, 2022
Member Since March 31, 2021
Membership Registered User
Profile Views 28
Captcha Challenge
I don't even know why I still have an account on here, I don't even use it.
I wanna go back to school, but i don't wanna go to summer school.
I have been ft with a boy for like 2 hours right now, he's actually asleep but he seems so at piece I wish that for just one second, but now even when I sleep, oh it just started raining, oh how I lov...
didn't go to school again today, time to listen to paparazzi by lady gaga.ߘ
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anthony miles
i think this is a little child myspace profile site
December 6, 2021 Like
Heyo, todays been pretty swag but I gotta do my online sk00l since I didn't go irl so yuh. :/
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