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Gender Male
Birth Date July 16, 1993
windhoek-Conner-Namibia »
Last Login September 28, 2016
Member Since June 14, 2014
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duu sisco
amazing journey
duu sisco
People with money who are interested in starting up a business in Namibia in the region of Katima Mulilo ( look it up on google) contact me at
this might be the beginning of a wonder...
duu sisco
been out for a while - I'm beck now
duu sisco
duu sisco
halow friends, i yem bek! nice to be back.
duu sisco
hi friends im beck....Hnestly i ddnt thnk it will take me this long to log in into my 2nd fvrt social M, bt bcs of the exams i had to
duu sisco
ebola virus is spreading all over very fast soon people will not hav to wory of the war going on in Gazza n othr counties but on Ebola. We hav a new enermy out there and it is ebola, not with each oth...
duu sisco
whre my money is? i had a dream i was rich, woke up n found out tht i dnt hve even a dollar!
duu sisco
i cant belive im saing this, but im gonna say it antway, i'm missing school>>>>!)
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