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Gender Female
Birth Date June 5, 1990
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asiat rufaaya
asiat rufaaya
me: what seems to be the problem officer?
cop: Are you aware you were going too fast?
me: If you caught upto me, i wasnt fast enough
asiat rufaaya
i wanted to have a quiet day and smile to everyone but the meds the doctor gave me to be nice are done so am gonna be abitch all day.
asiat rufaaya
No offense bt shout out to all of tbe older siblings....who were used as tbe tester kids and nw watch their younger siblings get away with sh*t that they would have been killed for.
asiat rufaaya
That look that u have when u say something and your sis says to u 'no no. i'm listening. it takes me a minute to process so much stupid all at once'......REALLY!!?
asiat rufaaya
have u ever had an obsession with something and u knw its bad but u never want 2 give it up. am stuck. yes. i hope this obsession wont kill me or ruin my life forever. am letting myself have alittle m...
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