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Gender Female
Birth Date September 20, 1992
Cincinnati »
Ohio »
United States
Member Since September 25, 2014
Membership Registered User
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steve combs
hi. christine and good morning how you been. my name is steve combs my age is 63 year old my birthday is may 2,1953 i was born in hollister,mo. u.s.a. i need a friend
steve combs
Hello I am glad I met you on my space I am at burger king 3009 s Campbell in springfield Missouri in the United States o.o America my name is steve combs my age is 67 year old my birthday in May 2 1953 i live at Franciscans villa 620 w scott st apt 336 in springfield mo and the residents are rough a...
October 19, 2020 Like
steve combs
I am on WhatsApp my phone number is 4172092115 I am on social security I get my check on Nov 3 2020 I received$935.00
October 19, 2020 Like
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