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Gender Female
Birth Date January 10, 1996
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Last Login September 14, 2019
Member Since November 20, 2014
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Eleena Elin
Any one over there to help me out of this boredom!!
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robert j garcia
Write a comment...Tell me, u steel board?
June 4, 2019 Like
Eleena Elin
i'm alright
June 28, 2019 Like
Rajit Ravichandran
Merry Christmas and happy new year to 2 nd most beautiful girl on earth
steve combs
Hi. Eleena Elin. you are very gorgeous. and my name is steve combs i live in Springfield,Mo. u.s.a. want to say Merry Christmas to you.
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steve combs
David cburt my is steve combs and i am 64 year old.i live in springfield mo
November 12, 2017 Like
steve combs
hello Rajit Ravichandran my name is Steven Combs I had an birthday in May 2 1953 I am 66 year old I at Burger King 3009 S Campbell in Springfield Mo I at Franciscan villa 620 w scott st room 350 in Springfield Mo my phone number is 4176558331
August 17, 2019 Like
steve combs
Hi. Eleena Elin good morning my name is steve combs my age is 63 year old my birthday is in May 2,1953. i was born in Hollister,Mo. u.s.a.
Rajit Ravichandran
Glad we are friends. I add everybody as friends. I am single and searching for GF.
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