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Gender Female
Birth Date August 15, 1966
Location United States
Last Login January 23, 2015
Member Since November 25, 2014
Membership Registered User
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Julie Ann Nolan
Hello Everyone hope your all doing well happy to say I am doing well Bright Blessings to you all Namaste' & Blessed Be xxx )0(
Julie Ann Nolan
Hey Everyone sorry I've been gone so long dealing with the loss of someone takes a lot out of a person & when the one you lost means everything to you well it really just plain & simply sucks so I'll ...
Julie Ann Nolan
I'm sorry for my absence I had a death in my family we just lost the heart & soul of our family our Grandmother Louella passed after 4 days of needless suffering. Today is her funeral would you please...
Julie Ann Nolan
oops sorry wrong pic oh well it's funny anyway
Julie Ann Nolan
Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Everyone I hope you are all doing well,I am feeling much better today after a good night's sleep thank you Mother Nature! I hope you all have a great day!
Julie Ann Nolan
Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Everyone I hope you are all doing well,I am having a hard time sleeping I've been up since 2am & I know I'm not going back to bed so I've already had my first cup of tea...
Julie Ann Nolan
Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Everyone, T hope you're all doing well.I hope everyone has plans to spend the Holidays with Loved ones those of you that celebrate it anyway,I haven't really had the chr...
Julie Ann Nolan
Good Morning/Afternoon Everyone, I hope you're all well & up doing your thing,I hope you have a great day filled with Awesomeness!!!
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Julie Ann Nolan
Good Evening Rajit
December 9, 2014 Like
Julie Ann Nolan
Good Morning/Afternoon everyone hope you're all well & keeping busy I have to say I had the BEST weekend I had my grandbabies this weekend finally after 6 mos. My oldest daughter was angry with me sti...
Julie Ann Nolan
so very very true but fake friends can fool you too I know I HAD a "Friend" for 20 yrs. no shit 20 yrs. the whole time she was stabbing me in the back till I finally caught her ass lying & did what I ...
Julie Ann Nolan
Good Morning Everyone,Hope you are all doing well. I had My Granddaughter overnight & had a wonderful time catching up with My daughter & son-in-law, My grandson grew about 4 inches since June & he's ...
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