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I appreciate the simple things in life and very laid back, still a old fashion gentleman but hey love rock n roll and still believe in just being yourself, I am looking for FRIENDS and anybody in the 45 yr range on up knows what I am talking about, people these days lost the meaning, I still believe in old fashion hanging out and just general conversation, none of this sending your junk photos, there is a lot of nuts and crap on the web and a lot of liars, any of us who have struggled to make friends know this, I was raised by the ocean all of my life so I grew up in a boat and around seafood, did pro wrestling a while in the 90s, I love planting flowers and putzing in my yard and pretty much just a old soul, love chit chatting and pride myself on being respectful, grew up listening to the eagles, bob segar but like kid rock and etc,, lost a 19yr old daughter to drugs and so I have been through it, just looking for normal friends that's all.

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Like I said I am looking for just general chit chat, anything from life to everyday stuff, I am new to my space, so if you are just looking for good conversation please hit me up, texting works great for me since I went back to a simple cell and I do sit up late, I know if anyone has been on here long enough they have had bad experiences, including me, yeap me, gay men posing as straight men or females and then doing the same as straight men do to the ladies, so many fakes on the web so use caution as I also use caution, I am just a 48 yr old guy who has seen the way our society has become, people just don't care about being friends anymore, everybody is to worried about hooking up, I am just looking for down to earth friends, so my cell is 706-768-7786, please feel free to text me, hoping to make some good friends on here, my nick name is sandy so feel free to text me.
gladiator, young guns 2, step brothers, jack black, legends of the fall, Donnie brasco, good fellas, a good thriller or drama


good conversation, deep and heart to heart, keep it real, just moved here a couple of years ago and would like to make some good friends
kid rock, guns and roses, ac/dc, molly hatchet, bob segar, wide variety of music,,,
sanders julian
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