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Fourteen year old fangirl (lady? Yeah..right...) who is mostly known as a hippie or a geek. I love Italian food and used to be vegetarian for one year. (I hope to become a vegetarian again sometime) practicing guitar and keyboard. I love to write! I am puerto rican but is always compared to a British person. No idea why...

Who I'd Like to Meet

Anybody actually, I'm open hearted to anyone! But if I have to be specific... Tom Hiddleston, Batman, Kellin Quinn, Bryan Stars, Christofer Drew, (Especially Christofer Drew) Jordan Witzegreuter. But if were talking on a friendship basis, I guess someone weird or looney, who is sweet and doesn't mind Corney jokes. Someone I can really talk to. A spontaneous person who isn't afraid to say what's on their mind when it comes to what they like and what they believe.
Anything sci-fi, drama, fantasy, or action and adventure.


Piña coladas and getting caught in the jk. Music, doctor who, Sherlock, lord of the rings, British actors, boys, trees, peace, harmony, food... the list could go on forever!
Nevershoutnever, the ready set, Fee, one republic, all star weekend, sleeping with sirens.
Nayaht Xarie
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