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Gender Male
Birth Date May 25, 1945
Last Login August 12, 2022
Member Since August 9, 2015
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Kirk Nelson Alexander
So this shirt was designed very intrestingly
 likes this.
My name Lucy. i am looking for good relationship with you ? i have something to discuss with you also to tell you more about myself , i want know you the more about myself ? please write me through this my mail (
July 4, 2022 Like
Kirk Nelson Alexander
Where's your picture of yourself?
August 12, 2022 Like
Kirk Nelson Alexander
This is the grave of Technical Sergeant Leonard Matlovich. It does not bear his name because he intended to be a monument to all gay veterans. Today marks 46 years since he appeared of the cover of Ti...
Kirk Nelson Alexander
Charles Reasoner
we didn't shoot anyone are burn building are spit r throw fire bombs at police are loot stores.
July 2, 2021 Like
edward amburgey
Hitler was a Democrat----
July 4, 2021 Like
Kirk Nelson Alexander
Are you team skinny or team chonky?
Kirk Nelson Alexander
Are these cute little guys floofy enough??
Kirk Nelson Alexander
Harpy Eagle (real!) with a person next to it!
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