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Gender Male
Birth Date July 13, 1957
Location United States
Last Login October 15, 2020
Member Since August 22, 2018
Membership Registered User
Profile Views 91
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John DuBois
John DuBois
Thankyou dear
October 15, 2020 Like
John DuBois
Just me hanging around bedroom
John DuBois
John DuBois
Did your girlfriend just SAY Bite Me?
John DuBois
Most recent I did with picsart app. I made the sphere myself and added different effects till I wound up with color inside. The pics are just stickers included with optional erase what you don't want ...
John DuBois
and  like this.
John DuBois
My recent creation
September 17, 2018 Like
This is beautiful! Way better then my art!
September 17, 2018 Like
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