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Basic Info

Gender Male
Birth Date April 10, 1962
Location United States
Last Login July 13, 2019
Member Since February 3, 2019
Membership Registered User
Profile Views 242

About me

Born on a Reservation / Military base. Where against his will Geronimo's final resting place was. Since being developed in my mother's womb was born & am still a natural & spiritual drummer. I play with my heart, blood, & soul & have the ability to fill the air with torrential sounds & shake the grounds with the top gift I've been given. I enjoy writing songs & poetry to true events, experiences, occurrences, situations, of all emotions. I enjoy caring for & maintaining the outside such as mowing, clearing out unwanted growth of vines, brush & wooded areas with a chainsaw & proper equipment. That & other activity such as occasional carpentry, repairing & painting. Cleaning & organizing. Anything to stay active & get a decent workout from. Saving the best for last, I was saved back in 97 to 98 & accepted Jesus as my savior. That doesn't make me any better or worse than anyone else. I'm forgiven & not perfected. It's a growing thing everyone experiences in different ways. I still screw up accidentally & intentionally. I still use profanity but when it's necessary. By all means have the exact sexual desires all humans do. I won't be punished for it & nor will others when covered by the blood of Christ...not religion! It is better to express, compassion, understanding, & a source of respect to others instead of condemnation & judgment for what we are as guilty of. To be honest, that's never an easy thing at first.

Who I'd Like to Meet

Never married. Age is just a number but someone within 13 or so years difference give or take. We will have a few things & interests in common & experiences of our generation. I'm a semi-big man & physical appearance & attraction is a must. A few pounds is acceptable. Not a few hundred. Race not an issue. I was brought up in a racial mixed neighborhood & one of my top favorite movies I relate to is the "The Warriors" from 1979. One who values what time I will spend with her & not how much money I can & will feel in her heart she wants to give me back a form of her love & not out of obligation. I am not well off. I am a man of my word & I prefer my actions do the talking. I don't make promises I cannot keep. I am an Aries: It is said that "You give me true love, I will give you the world. No ands, ifs, or buts, about it." Also that she is a Godly type woman. That doesn't mean perfection, self righteous, excellent church attendance & squeaky clean, etc. Someone who will overlook my flaws & have understanding, compassion, honor, for who I am, what I am & the choices I make & just want to be with me in variety of ways as I will her.
In addition: If you have any sort of interest in me for companionship & romance & after talking online or however, & we agree to meet, please don't have another man with you as support. Whether he's a brother, gay, long time childhood friend & especially an ex. Thank you for consideration.
P.S. If you message me & want a gift card, I-Tunes, etc. at any time, I won't take you seriously & may dish back some fierce yet straight forward words.


Outside activity such as mowing, grounds keeping, cutting & clearing away unwanted plant growth. / Fixing, repairing, creating something to substitute for something else that does the job. / Staying active in general. / Writing poetry & songs mainly to true inspirations. occurrences, events, experiences, & such.
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