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Basic Info

Gender Female
Birth Date July 8, 1997
Location United States
Last Login June 13, 2019
Member Since April 30, 2019
Membership Registered User
Profile Views 23

About me

Who is like to meet? I would've said marilyn Manson in the past, since that was one of mine and my mother's shared bands, but I'd have to say Robert Smith or Lady Gaga. Very different people, but both have inspired my equally throughout my life.

Who I'd Like to Meet

I'm also, apparently an idiot ߤ the "about me" didn't pop up until after. Thought I had been typing in the "who I'd like to meet" FML. Never mind then... Ah... About me. Chubby gal from Georgia who loves strange makeup, books, poetry, art, animals, my family and friends, my lover, and all things dark and under appreciated. I enjoy making people laugh when I'm able, and I would consider myself a pretty damn good friend. Not always the most outgoing social person in real life though ... I'm usually very introverted. Hm.. anything else you want to know, ask nicely âݤ️ߤ߰ߏ


My interests... Well,animals and nature, first and foremost!! I enjoy taking care of baby animals, especially kittens. I love being near water, because it's always so peaceful. I enjoy swimming in the summer, though I don't enjoy all the people, nor the heat or sun burn. I'm very pale (`^_^) I love spending my freetime drawing and listen to music on the loudspeakers if I'm not spending time with my family, friends, or significant other.
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