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Gender Female
Birth Date February 1, 1976
Location United States
Last Login November 2, 2020
Member Since October 30, 2019
Membership Registered User
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Sherry Rosenhahn
I wish I knew about this word at age 3
Sherry Rosenhahn
I feel so stupid but yet I'm truly quite smart but after my evil devil spawn mother's last stunt they call gaslighting I googled why and it was a revaluation and like a bolt of lightening my whole lif...
Sherry Rosenhahn
Amen I swear to God this to be so true. It's like you finally finished your prison sentence
Sherry Rosenhahn
Especially if all they do is cause you drama, heart ache and stress
Sherry Rosenhahn
Me no gym just hard working badazz. Me 54 years old
Rick Janofsky
absolutely beautiful
September 29, 2020 Like
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