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About me

Hello My name Is Daniel :) I live alone in a small town and work at my local YMCA here in Burlington Wi. I am honest and thorough and like to have conversations and communicate. I am single and never had contact. I am darling. I want to meet a girl who just says fuck it and who gives the middle finger and whos feisty and angry at life. That's the kind of girl I want who looks good. I am willing to improve my life for the right woman. I have plans to go to my local Technical college Fall 2020 for horticulture Urban Farming and greenhouse Marketing. I would like to be a farmer and grow Ginseng, Cannabis, Hemp, Lions Mane Mushroom, and Bamboo. It should take several years to graduate and succeed and buy my own land and start my own business growing and selling crops. At 43 I plan to be a millionaire. In the mean time I will continue at The YMCA as a Kitchen Assistant for a few more years than move and transfer to a different and more profitable Job. I am 26 and In my Prime... I understand Politics, Religion, Philosophy, some Science and Astronomy. I love gaming. I plan to buy the new Xbox Scarlett. Nov. 2020. My studio is pretty sweet and I take care of Myself and I truly Love getting to know new people.

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Biking, Walking, Swimming, Fishing, Marijuana, Some Reading, long Boarding, White Water Rafting, Hiking, Camping, Video Games, Fish Tank Care( I have a Koi Fish), Frisbee Golf, The Beach, Traveling, Exploring new frontiers, Lap Top Playing, Working Hard for my goals. Eating Healthy and reducing my use with Plastic, Caring for The Environment and living Eco-Friendly.
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