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Gender Female
Birth Date September 17, 1997
Last Login January 17, 2021
Member Since December 26, 2020
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and he didnt take the place as an old man then your not his old lady then because he didnt respect you and i did so that said you said corribiean
baby if your the one for me your the one for me and if you dont know dont knoww me because you think your somthing but if you got a girl im done because the song got this onld man and you dont know th...
love was the truth about what i had said to you if you had a problem with why didnt you give me a hug because truth be told if it was love it wouldnt be a secret at alll and you know something true y...
marry you forever then <3 sorry about friend zzz<3
love you fall asleep w me . she hurt to much. doesnt know truth so i pray 4 her okay?
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