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Gender Female
Birth Date June 7, 1968
Berlin »
Last Login April 8, 2021
Member Since April 8, 2021
Membership Registered User
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About me

Office worker in a Museum (Stadtmuseum Berlin), studied artist and sociologist. 52 yrs old a Mom and since 2019 a grandMOM of two granddaughters (twins = Theresa and Cecilia)! I am working to open my own Art Gallery in Berlin. My daughter (Mother of Theresa and Cecilia works with me on this plan)! I am a producer and a musician (Electronic Music). It's passion for me in a little way (between official work and privacy). I love to travel in North America and the Pacific Area, where I grew up! I was an adopted child in several families and searching for my BLOOD Family ... I found persons, who looks like ME :) Now, it's a new LIFE!
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