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Gender Male
Birth Date June 22, 1993
Location Canada
Last Login May 30, 2022
Member Since November 30, 2021
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(Lil) Bunny
Just quit smokin, not my choice just get to much anxiety after one little puff now, shit sucks.
(Lil) Bunny

just dropped a newww songgg!!!
(Lil) Bunny
Damn shits moving real slow rn fr just wanna get blazed and give up... But idk maybe someone can help... Maybe
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Trokon Garway
Happy 2022! Pray this year to bring more grace and opportunity!.
January 1, 2022 Like
(Lil) Bunny
Ayy happy 22
January 6, 2022 Like
(Lil) Bunny
What's gooood people just took my fifth toke hope to do sum LINESS laterrr
(Lil) Bunny
Stuck at school, just took something but I don't recall what is was
and  like this.
(Lil) Bunny
December 10, 2021 Like
anthony miles
oh alright cool dude
December 13, 2021 Like
(Lil) Bunny
All I need now is some prescriptions
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