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Gender Male
Birth Date December 17, 1970
Tustin »
United States
Last Login May 24, 2014
Member Since February 7, 2014
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About me

Hello My name is Almighty. Dancin Gerbin-Ryker but you can refer to me as "The Chosen One" Born of "The Knowledge of A Wise GOD and Strong Leader of the Younger Generation of Young Adults for A President of A New Private Nation. That's after The Old Nation and Disgusting Obama comes Crashing to the Ground. Down the Timeline of course..I'm a Beauty and A Beast...For told by Stevie Nicks..I'm A Jedi Master! Call Me Yoda and I'm on a Mission of Mercy to save as many Lost Souls as I can from Misleading False Idols such as your Church Leaders who Don't Embrace The Real Love for Everyone on this PLANET!! COME to My Place of Sanctuary, Where you are Welcome and Never have to feel Rejected from your peers...I'm also a Preacher who Preaches about The End of times "Revelations" The Last Book of the Bible. Where I Sing and Give Phrase to God the Father and to Christ the Savior! For Reviling to The Chosen One..Me Dancin about what to expect down the Timelime for My Congregation of Followers that want to Live The Right way of Life...I'm Also a Business Owner who has Created A Place where I'm looking for The Unemployed To Hire...The Ones that have been out of work for 6 mos or so. This is in No Relation to Obama's Idea of Hiring the Unemployed but My Own of what I like to make Happen with The So Many that fell out of The Job Market...Such As Kevin Meyer who at the age of 51 has been out of work since Dec. 2012...He Lives in Denville, New Jersey. If Anyone Reads this...Please pass on the Note that I would like to ask him if he wants a job with my company...It's A start up that is just about to take The World By Storm...My Headquarters is Located in Southern California, Kevin My Contact number is (714) 235-0763 call between 10 am and 6pm P.S.T...It's up to you Kevin?? To make the Next Move on This Chess Game of A job Opening in my Company..Also I"M 43 years of age and I don't even look it. I'm average built, Blonde, Blue Eyes, and European White Descent but of The Holy Kind....So if you want to talk to "The Chosen One" Tell Everyone that I"M on MYSPACE!!! Not FACEBOOK!! Thanks Almighty Dancin. Amen 2-7-14

Who I'd Like to Meet

I like to meet my Real Family of Make Believe Hollywood town. Such as Sandra Bullock, Ben Afflick, Harrison Ford, Daniel Crag, Harry Hamlin, Drew Barrymore, Ben Stiller, Merl Streep, Julie Roberts, Just to name a few in the acting biz. In the Music side of my Family of make Believe that tell the tale of who I am..Which is their long lost Missing Brother and that is or I need to get in contact with Cher, Katy Perry, Cause I'm her Teenage Dream and her E.T. Kylie Minouge, Tina Turner, Pet Shop Boys, Duran Duran, Culture Club, Ratt, Dokken, The Escape Club, Selena Gomez, cause I'm her "Love you like a Love Song! Which describes my Personality to you all in the Nation...Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, and Cyndie Lauper and Britney Spears cause I'm her "Heaven on Earth" Those are some of the artist that I need help with in a Project that I'm creating for a film of a concert...Show casing the 70s, 80s, 90s, and today's music that reveals My Life Story told thru the eyes of Many Artists Songs and Songs of End Of Times and Signs of The End as well...Please Contact Me at (714) 235-0763 To learn more of how you can help Me in My Pursuit of Fulfilling My Dream!! Madonna and Shina Train, plus Rod Stewart....Please Call Me....between 10am and 6p.m. P>S>T. Mon-Fri....


My Interest is in the Arts, I'm a Gifted painter and Story Teller of Musical Artists Lives and I write Scripts as well as A 3 Act Play. I also wrote a book at an early age in High School...I also like Horse Back Riding and Driving with the top down in my Convertible...Like Discussing Politics of How I can be A True Leader for a Nation of Many that are out of work...
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