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Gender Female
Birth Date December 8, 1905
Last Login June 2, 2020
Member Since April 26, 2014
Membership Registered User
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Annette Lisa Simmons
Megan Modero
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June 28, 2020 Like
Annette Lisa Simmons
Sorry I am not on here a lot due to things in life not going well.
Annette Lisa Simmons
Why did they remove our friends list and pictures...I miss it.
Annette Lisa Simmons
Since my last poetry book, I have been writing a lot, but have yet publish any more poetry books or novels, yet I will promise with the next year...or less, I will get one out.
Annette Lisa Simmons
Sorry for not being on here much....dealing with my granny death two years ago, moving and health issue...but am doing okay, can find mostly on Facebook. I will try to get on more so I can write to yo...
Annette Lisa Simmons
hey all....I hope all is well on here
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