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Basic Info

Gender Female
Age 21
cebu city »
Last Login March 14, 2017
Member Since August 19, 2016
Membership Registered User
Profile Views 70

About me

I love to dance, to cook, to bake, acting, and singing.
I love also to play scrabbles, badminton, volleyball and damath board.
My favorite subjects are English, Filipino,Math, Science, and History.
Someday i like to be a nurse just like my father, to be a teacher, flight attendant, designer, professional and famous dancer, also to be a scientist.
Im kind of person loving, jolly ,friendly,joker sometimes shy type person, kind, loyal and respectful.
when you say promise just do it dont always in talk but also in action.
sometimes im a kind of person frankly and in the right way.
when i feel in love just only one when im heart broken just gone and i cant find another one.
Just wait until the destiny welcome to you i thank you!!!

Who I'd Like to Meet

kind of person have a big heart, honest respectful, loyal and responsible.


scrabbles, movie marathon, listening to music, and eating pop corn, burger, french fries, and drink shakes!!! lol!!
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