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hey im a non-binary person, looking for sum friends. i love stuffed animals a lot.
u may think thats weird for a person to have a obsession for stuffies,
but thats your opinion.

idc if u call me childish, ill like what i like ..

Anyway, anypronouns can be used but they/them preferred please !
I use discord, insta, snapchat and others. My tag for discord is love me!!#2076. the others, you will have to earn ! ^^

Im into memes, 2000' music, i like to play roblox, and if you do too- my use is elqnc !! lets play some day. ^w^


Who I'd Like to Meet

friends. emphasis on FRIENDS. <3 pls dont b older than 18.
Corpse Bride, Beetguese ,, and basically just any movie from Tim Burton.


My pet bird, my boyfriend, and music <3
MCR, PATD, Melanie Martinez, WIllow smith, PTV .. others.
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