is a social network for search friends and communication with the following rules:

1) Rules of censorship:- Be tolerant! And propagandize a healthy lifestyle!

It is forbidden to users:

1.1 - To place information containing pornographic images, texts or scenes of sexual character and violence over animals.

1.2 - Obscenely to be expressed, offend, humiliate honor and dignity of other users.

1.3 - To propagandize and promote incitement of religious, racial or political strife between users.

1.4 - To propagandize criminal activity

1.5 - To propagandize drugs and alcohol.

1.6 - to violate the rights of minor users

2) About spam, advertizing, use of personal information of other users.

Don't mislead each other!

It is forbidden to users:

2.1 - to make mass mailings of information

2.2 - to place information of advertizing character containing references, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and other contact information.

2.3 - to place information of roguish character.

2.4 - to place personal information of other users which can violate its legal rights of personal privacy and takes place against his will.

2.5 - to place not reliable personal information which can mislead users of a network.

2.6 - If you want to join Myspace, you will automatically agree to receive email notifications and messages from us.

In cases of non-compliance with rules of a social network, the administration of Myspace reserves the right to delete the placed information or to block the user's account.
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