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Gender Female
Birth Date November 2, 1999
Location Australia
Last Login April 27, 2018
Member Since April 19, 2018
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freshhh- just got my nails done!!! :)
carl pompa
love them nails
April 23, 2018 Like
anyone up for a chat? im bored asf
good morning
April 21, 2018 Like
what? it's 11:56 pm here ahahaha
April 21, 2018 Like
well it's 9:53 am here, ok well goodnight then
April 21, 2018 Like
dont cry bc its over, smile bc it happened
<3 :)
Thats one way to look at it Tiesha :) ,likes that :)
April 20, 2018 Like
carl pompa
i like this picture of you
April 23, 2018 Like
you can fool for her words "im fine" but I see it in her eyes
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