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negl I have been trying to starve myself but mexican food is too good
goodnight, you guys are so fucking beautiful.
I feel like I only talk on here because there are usually older people who give the best advice, I trust them more than high school girls.
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Damien Darkness Way
Ha same
August 17, 2021 Like
I wanna write a book, a book where a teenager is struggling to grow up with all the self-neglecting attitude. a book about me? I just think that I would enjoy writing it. A teenage boy who grew up ins...
though I tend to make people fall in love with me through a laptop, I don't know if ill have the same effect on people at school.
I'm 70 here
August 4, 2021 Like
how to make friends when you're not physically attractive to most? in today's society, you need a thin waist and a pretty face to make it.
its that timenow
August 4, 2021 Like
this will probably be my last ever time on myspace, I will write out my thoughts once more.
I start school tomorrow, fun.
so wheneverrr you ask me agaaain, how I feeeeel. Please rememberrr, my answer is youuu.
I went out to eat and saw this hot guy, looked a lot older tho. :<
one for two days with only two notifications, nice.
I want to learn Russian and Japanese.
I know some Japanese I took it for a year its pretty cool but hard
June 9, 2021 Like
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