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Basic Info

Gender Female
Birth Date September 13, 2000
Location United States
Last Login September 14, 2021
Member Since April 23, 2021
Membership Registered User
Profile Views 23

About me

hello,you can call my sparkz I use she/her pronouns lesbian. I´m 13-16 age range happy to talk to people ^^ I like ,edgy jokes(not racism,misogyny,rape,ect) energy drinks(can't stand coffee) Y/N slander,tomska, fluffy bones and drawing.Come talk to me xx

Who I'd Like to Meet

people form the ages of 13-15 with similar interest.Not looking to online date ect (but who wants to date me lmao).If I like/ trust you enough ill give you my discord so we can talk on there and you can meat more of my friends.Just cool people who are probably considered a bit cringe by most.If you have your whole thing be something like being lgbtq+ or rude fix that please your annoying feel free to full on cringe around me bc shits cool and same but don't be annoying and well be chill.


alternative music and fashion,witchcraft, creepypasta(if you cant tell by my pfp lol) Jshlatt, horror films and video games.
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